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Thank you for your interest in To take advantage of many of the features this site offers, including marine fuels auctioning, you must first register as an Member. To do so, please click the desired membership type below and fill out the displayed registration form. You will then receive your account name and password via the e-mail address you specified in the registration form. Once you have received this email, simply click the "Log In" link, enter your account name and password, and begin exploring everything that has to offer your business.
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Join as an Observer

An Observer has full access to real-time market information and data but cannot create or bid in transactions. This is the membership level for marine industry players who do not buy, sell, or broker bunkers or cargoes. Observers have:
  • Access to much more market information and news
  • Access to market analysis and commentary
  • The ability to participate in industry forums

Join as a Participant

A participant can take part in marine fuels transactions as a buyer, supplier, or a broker. This membership level is exclusive to members who participate in marine fuels transactions. As a participant you will have all the privileges of an Observer and can:
  • Participate in marine fuels transactions
  • View up to the minute information on all your transactions
  • Create different types of transactions at different ports