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USER FEATURES has developed a range of features to maximize the site’s ease of use including multiple access levels, real-time (dynamic) updating, intuitive navigation, and security.

Multiple Access Levels:
Non-member users, Members, and Organizations have different levels of access to the site depending on their needs.

Real-Time (Dynamic) Updating:
Transaction information is continuously refreshed as regularly as the user specifies. The default refresh rate is 30 seconds but can be customized by members.

Intuitive Navigation:
The site has been designed by experienced industry participants using the latest design techniques and technology, making it as easy to use as possible.

Information is sent and received in secure form, using strong encryption.

You Deal Your Way:
Buyers can select which sellers they want to invite to their transactions and with whom they conclude a deal.

Online and Offline Help: provides full online documentation of site features and functions, with a downloadable tutorial for new members. Marketplace-specific tutorials are under development. OceanConnect offers telephone support from staff in offices in London, New York, and Singapore, click here for more details.


Observer Member
- Gains access to much more market information, news, market analysis, and commentary. You also can participate in industry forums.

Participant Member
- Access to all of the above, plus a Participant can take part in marine fuels transactions as a buyer, supplier, or a broker.

Organization Manager
- Each organization can designate one or more individuals to administer who participates on the site. This allows you easily to invite other colleagues to become members and to maintain full control of your organization’s interaction with