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  The Benefits of OceanConnect

Market Coverage
OceanConnect global brokerage presence in derivatives and physical markets provides access to the entire worldwide sphere of market makers. Greater market liquidity produces more competitive, truer price quotes.

Reduced Basis Risk The purpose of hedging is risk reduction for vessel owners buying bunkers. Hedging future bunker costs against a different product (for example, crude oil) may in some circumstances be the right choice... but only by obtaining market coverage and considering all instruments can the shipowner make an informed decision. OceanConnect service will compare similar products, locations, and timing, with an eye towards securing the lowest possible risk and the best possible price. Other bases are available for a complete range of hedging facilities.

Customized to the owner’s needs Through its extensive network of market maker counterparties, OceanConnect endeavor to most closely cover the owners’ shipping routes. Identifying the most effective hedge for an owner operating vessels in the Mediterranean requires consideration of hedging instruments that use Mediterranean bunker prices (instead of Rotterdam barges).

Strictly Brokerage OceanConnect do not trade against your requirements. Instead, we provide actual quotes from multiple potential counterparties. Negotiating a transaction beneficial to both parties is our only interest.

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Introduction to Hedging

Swaps are the most common hedging mechanism...

The Benefits of Risk Management
Shipowners protect profits from unforseen increases in fuel costs...